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The 7 habits of highly defective dogs

Posted by No Bones on

Recently our customers spilled the beans on their pooches worst habits, we loved them so much we had to share them, ‘the 7 habits of highly defective dogs’ are inspired by our canine customers and the smelly, naughty and damn right hilarious things they get up to.

Growing old disgracefully!

It turns out dogs are just like humans when it comes to living out their final years in disgrace, these two naughty oldies know just how to use old age to their advantage.

‘[My dogs] are grumpier than Victor Meldrew at the age of 9. Grumpy old toy poodles!’

Kitchen antics…

Who knew the kitchen was a likely crime scene for our naughty pooches? And the bin is their favourite place to have a rummage; wouldn’t you if you could be served yummy leftovers, exciting packaging and lots of rotten smells?

If you’re lucky your mischievous mutt might even rub their nose in some stinking fish remains! If that’s not enough then check out what one of our canine customers did to his owners kitchen floor…

Sleeping companions!

This habit gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘in the dog house’, more like ‘in the dogs bed’!

Not only do these pooches love to snooze on their owner’s bed they’ve taken it to the next level! Sounds a little cramped in there…

‘[My dogs] insist on sleeping not only in my bed every night but also under the covers. Every morning I wake up clinging on to the edge with cold feet and no covers whilst they continue to snore in comfort. With myself and my husband and our three rescue dogs it's a bit of a tight squeeze but I wouldn't want it any other way except when one rolls over it's usually me who falls out!!’

And this pooch pulls out all of the stops to get comfy…

The fragrant scent of fox poo!

And that’s not the worst habit- one of our customers’ naughty hound just loves to wipe his bottom on their carpet- where do we get them from! Here’s some more toilet related habits…

‘They love the best scent in the world (not) rolling in fox poo’!!’

‘She likes to roll in horse poo and then jump on my sofa!’

‘She wipes her bum on my carpet

Eating disgusting things… Inter-species faeces!

Some of our pooches have hit a new low…

‘I love my dog even though she eats her [poo] then kisses me’

‘I love my dog even though his bad habit is eating cat poo’

Muddy delight!

There’s nothing our devilish dogs love more than getting dam right dirty… the dirtier the better for this white pooch.

Cheeky monkeys

And we couldn’t choose which of these remaining habits was worse so we included them all!

‘She shreds every tissue she finds and eats the Pom poms off my hats. Who couldn't love this face!’

‘All 35kg of her jumps on my bladder first thing in the morning’

And don't forget - if you want to give your pesky pups something else to chew on apart from your floor, socks or tissues, you can go to our online store and check out our various treats!

(This blog is written in memory of Henry the spaniel who sadly passed away two weeks ago, however his bad habit lives on through their other rescue beagle!)

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